Friday, March 17, 2017

It Only Takes a Spark

By definition, Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion. Passion can take on a different look for different individuals. For an athlete, passion is leaving everything out on the court or field after every practice and every game, not just the championships. For a parent, passion is that impulse of doing anything and everything within your power to protect and support your child. Passion in and for education is no different. Principals who lead with passion and teachers who teach with passion have a significant impact on those they lead and serve. I believe that a person's passion is the small spark it takes to ignite something bigger within a larger group of individuals. If we look at significant moments in history, passion is what sent a spark which ignited change.

Continual growth and learning is what ignites my passion and excitement. Reading, being networked, questioning ideas (my own included), supporting individuals in their classrooms, risking failure when trying something new, all of these things ignite a spark me.

I would argue that in the School vs Learning infographic, learning is about igniting passion, not just exploring your passions. I was unaware of my "passion for innovation" prior to reading The Innovator's Mindset. Instead, it was my passion for learning and personal growth that led me to this book, this book study and the #IMMOOC. The more I read, and the more I participate and connect with others who are impacting education, the more passionate I become about the changes that need to be made in education . . . the changes that I can make in education. Remember, it only takes a Spark to ignite a fire!