Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cultivating Trusting Relationships

As an Instructional Technology Facilitator serving three schools, serving over 1100 students, serving 50+ teachers and managing 1100+ devices cultivating trusting relationships is imperative. Here are a few things that I try not to lose sight of.

Be consistent - It is important that I let my teachers and students know that they can count on me. I try to let them know that I am going to approach each situation, classroom lesson and challenge with enthusiasm and persistence. 

Be honest - I do not always know the answer. I try to be honest in letting teachers or administrators know when I don't know. If I make a mistake, I own it, I apologize, and I try my best to get it right the next time. 

Be visible - It is so easy to just be a profile picture on an email. Face to face follow-up is crucial to building trusting relationships. 

Be servant minded - I try to never lose sight that I am here to serve. I serve the community, schools, teachers, students, parents and all other stake holders that I see on a daily basis. 

Be compassionate - If it is important to them, it is important to me.

Kristin Edwards