Saturday, April 8, 2017

When Students Finish Early

I was reading my teammate, Donna Wells', Blog and came across a great post that I turned into a visual. In her post, Donna mentions ideas to implement when students finish early. You can read Donna's post here and follow her on Twitter @DonnaWells50 .

All of the ideas revolve around students creating a product of their learning.

Create a Comic Strip:
  • Pixton
  • Google Drawings
  • Educreations (iPad)

Create a Video Trailer:
  • iMovie
  • Quicktime to Screen Record
  • Educreations (iPad)
  • Animoto (iPad)
  • Paper Slide Show (iPad)

Explain your Mathematical Thinking:
  • Google Drawings
  • Quicktime to Screen Record
  • Educreations (iPad)
  • Paper Slide Show (iPad)

Create an Infographic:

  • Discovery Education Board Builder
  • Google Drawings
  • Pic Collage (iPad)

Create a Digital Story:

Create your own Quiz:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Forms
  • Kahoot
  • Quizzizz
  • Quizlet

Create an Audio Recording / Podcast:
  • Quicktime
  • Voice Record Pro (iPad)
  • Sock Puppets (iPad)

This is just a short list of ideas and resources to utilize when students finish early. Imagine the possibilities that could take place when your students begin contributing their learning processes with their classmates. Once your students begin creating, they could also begin to share their learning with the world!