Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Personal, Professional, Classroom, Student

I have adopted the philosophy and shared vision of my Digital Teaching and Learning Team that the things we learn personally impact our professional lives.  As educators, our professional lives impact our classrooms and our classroom environment and culture, most importantly, impacts our students.

This philosophy is being shared and carried out through the learning that is taking place with our #PDChallenge, a professional development resource designed for teachers to explore digital resources at their own pace.

While working with teachers to implement the "Challenges" into their classrooms I am often asked of teachers if they have used the challenge in the "right" way.  My response is always that the #PDChallenge is designed for them to gain the most learning through using the resources personally.  I then share our vision of Personal > Professional > Classroom > Student.

In order for digital learning to be implemented seamlessly we first have to make its use personal.